Marina Wiek auf Rügen was created from a 19th century cargo loading port and opened in 2003 with 150 berths and marina facilities. Notable upon entering the marina is the loading bridge to port which was eventually never put into use. Another distinctive landmark is the village’s prominent 15th century church.

The area is popular as a holiday resort with some of the highest levels of sunshine in the country and beautiful long, white beaches. The island of Rügen has many attractions including the Cape Arkona lighthouses and the pretty medieval fishing village of Vitt. Neighbouring Hiddensee island to the west of Rügen is a car-free island, with two nature reserves and a great destination for ornithologists. The famous chalk cliffs of the Jasmund peninsula can be found on the east of the island.


  • Electricity and water at the berth
  • Showers and toilets
  • Washing machine and dryer
  • Newspapers and rolls in the harbour kiosk
  • Barbecue area and bathing area
  • Shipyard (with 10 t and 2.5 t crane)
  • Boat engine service
  • Ferry connection to Hiddensee