TransEurope Marinas 35 anniversary logo

TransEurope Marinas, with over 80 marina members stretching across a network of 12 different countries, this year celebrates 35 years of collaborative association.

The group was born in 1987 from a group of a dozen marina managers either side of the Channel, who launched the entity then known as “TransManche” as a means to support independent family marinas, and to encourage their berth-holders to cruise further afield by offering reciprocal berthing conditions.

Today the same spirit prevails although the group has expanded in size and ambition. Firmly in favour of international collaboration, TransEurope Marinas managers meet regularly to openly share good practice ideas and further the aims of the group and those of the global boating community.

A recent partnership with marine tech trailblazers Pick a Pier, has established pioneer work in the digital transformation of marinas, fostering digital literacy and awareness in the boating sphere and facilitating communication between marinas and boaters. Innovative approaches such as smart, real-time berth allocation powered by machine learning, have enabled TransEurope members to take a huge leap forward in this regard.

Having presided over TransEurope Marinas for nearly a decade, Jean-Michel Gaigné CMM made the following comment:

I am proud to see our network fostering customer satisfaction and promoting travel to exciting new destinations. TransEurope Marinas remains at the vanguard, not only for its capability to recognise evolving customer expectations, but above all for the marina operators’ personal connections with the boating community. TransEurope Marinas is no longer a simple network of yacht harbours giving benefits to berth-holders, but an inspiration for all those who seek out rewarding boating experiences from the Baltic to the Aegean.

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