1. TransEurope Marinas are a group of select international marinas, located along the coastlines of the UK, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Portugal.

2. TransEurope Marinas must maintain high standards of facility and customer care (particularly in respect of visitors). Many marinas carry the Blue Flag and a substantial number have been presented with The Yacht Harbour Association’s 4 or 5 Gold Anchor Award in recognition of their standard of facility and management practices. TransEurope Marinas, as a group, promotes customer care and a responsible attitude to the environment.

3. Except in extenuating circumstances, it is a condition of membership that each member marina must be approximately one days sailing from one another.

4. All TransEurope Marinas must agree to offer discounted berthing for visiting berth holders of member marinas. Currently the discount offered is 50% against visitors rates for up to 5 consecutive days (not renewable). Additional privileges and discounts may be given by member marinas, but these are not part of the general discount agreement.

5. The managers of TransEurope Marinas agree to maintain close working relations with each other; to share their practical, technical and commercial experience and to promote other member marinas when the opportunity arises. Through networking within the TransEurope Marina group, members have access to a wide range of skills and services that span the marine industry. Representatives of the TransEurope Marina group meet twice a year, usually in January and again in September.

6. During meetings, members of the TransEurope Marinas determine the common policy of the group. It is customary that proposals or decisions are approved with the unanimous support of the members present at the meeting. Each member marina pays an annual subscription to TransEurope Marinas to cover the costs of the group’s initiatives (e.g. membership cards, flags, website etc).The subscription is deliberately limited to the lowest necessary amount. There is a small joining fee in the first year of membership.

7. Marina operators wishing to join TransEurope Marinas are requested to send their application, with details of their marina, to the Chairman or Regional Representative. After discussion with fellow members of flank marinas and usually a site visit, the application will then be considered at the next meeting of TransEurope Marinas.

8. The spirit of co-operation is fundamental to the TransEurope Marinas group. Members are encouraged to share ideas in order to develop best practice initiatives e.g. training and education, policy and procedures.

9. It is an objective of TransEurope Marinas to enhance the benefits of membership both to the marina operator and the berth holder.

10. Applications for membership are invited and we welcome the opportunity to increase the TransEurope Marinas group.


A best-practice guideline for members

Created collectively by members of TransEurope Marinas (TEM) from knowledge-sharing discussions held during the association’s biannual meetings, the TransEurope Marinas guidelines whilst not purporting to be a prescriptive set of rules, aims to provide TEM member marinas with:

–             Proposal for adhering to an established profile for TEM members

–             Suggestions for improved customer service within a European marina network

–             Information resources as an aid to further improvement.