A new padel court in VYNieuwpoort marina

If you enter the marina of VYNieuwpoort in Belgium, and you go to the harbour office, you will notice heaps of glass between the two iconic buildings on the land head. From now on you will also hear the cheering of recreational sportsmen and –women  scoring or not scoring points.

During COVID, padel came extremely popular in Belgium because it was the only all-weather sport you could practice during lockdown. Because of this phenomenon, the lack of fields and with the aim of newcomers to the boating world, VYNieuwpoort have installed a padel court right in the middle of their marina.

To reserve the court you need to become ‘padel’ member of the club, with a huge benefit for club members of the marina. The first year will be a bit of a try-out; VYN also wants to give the opportunity to visitors to use the court when it’s not reserved by members. Because it is the first padel court in Nieuwpoort, VYN hopes to gain the interest of the local racket sportsmen and women. It is also a very popular family sport.

Ifyou would like any more information, please contact VYNieuwpoort or take a look at the website: https://www.vynieuwpoort.be/nl/nieuws/detail/padel