IWMC 2023

The ICOMIA World Marinas Conference is a much-anticipated date in the boating industry calendar with delegates eager to hear from the experts on a host of topical issues. Taking place in the sunny Algarve, from the 9th – 11th October, the programme is now set, and as ever, speakers include TransEurope Marinas members.

Martinho Fortunato, chair of ICOMIA Marinas Group and on the organising committee for the conference commented:

The ICOMIA World Marinas Conference happens every two years in locations that move around the globe. The 2023 event in October Vilamoura – Algarve – Portugal is a unique opportunity to network and learn from the best professionals in the marina industry worldwide. You will have fantastic insights from all markets of the world and hear from the biggest innovations in terms of technology, sustainability and marketing, amongst many others. This event will also give you the chance to meet three of the best marinas in the vibrant Portuguese Marina market and meet the exhibiting companies at the conference center. Hope to meet you all very soon in Portugal!

Good governance is one of the topics of Day 1, entitled “Operations and sustainability”, covering risks, resilience, company culture and lessons learnt from extreme weather events. The keynote speaker for the opening day is the award-winning and renowned industry doyen Bill Yeargin, CEO of US company Correct Craft.  As to be expected, sustainable innovations will offer further welcome content, with presentations from academia and SMEs discussing accessible solutions.

Day 2 will feature visits to three of the top regional marinas (Vilamoura, Albufeira and Lagos) focussing on how success is achieved in each, by way of individual case studies.

The evening’s Gala Dinner, a fantastic opportunity for networking, is set to include entertainment and prize-giving, including the Golden Cleat and PIANC awards, and diplomas for those marina professionals who have attained the top certification level in the industry.

The final day, billed as “Technology into the smart future” will be intense and high-level, with the keynote given by naval architect and marine engineer Yiannis Kalogerakis. Commencing with the Smart agenda and continuing to explore tech and start-up needs, allowing for the necessary level of development required for the digital transition. Tourism, communication, marketing and destination management come next, as key components of the nautical sector, with a deep-dive into the cultures of larger chains of marinas versus the model of the boutique marina.

A considerable concern for many managers, the afternoon’s programme includes a good look at alternative propulsion and the infrastructure required to support it. Finance, tax regimes and marina concessions wrap up a rich and rewarding day.

For more information on the ICOMIA World Marinas Conference, visit the website: www.worldmarinasconference.com