Boating sustainably

Our friends at savvy navvy have prepared this handy guide to taking more care of the environment during boating trips. Their app is especially prepared to assist with identifying seagrass beds and reducing fuel use, amongst other benefits.

We all fall in love with boating for different reasons but for many it is the experience of enjoying nature, being out in the elements and the peace and serenity that comes with it.

To continue enjoying all the things we love about boating it is inevitable that we are also responsible for protecting the environment we enjoy so much.

By equipping boaters with the necessary knowledge, we can empower them to make informed choices that benefit our precious ecosystems. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help make those first essential steps toward a greener boating future.

6 Tips for boating sustainably

Love turtle food – Anchoring and Seagrass. ⚓

Seagrasses are one of the most valuable and biodiverse habitats on the planet. Seagrass beds help combat climate change as they are up to thirty-five times more efficient at absorbing carbon than rainforests of the same area.

When dropping anchor, be mindful to avoid seagrass beds by checking seabed data in the savvy navvy app. Alternatively, opt for eco-friendly moorings to prevent damage to these delicate ecosystems, reducing the risk of uprooting seagrass and disrupting the balance of the marine environment. We are working to surface eco-mooring data within the savvy navvy app so they will become increasingly easy to find for boaters.

Take your foot off the gas – Using Less Fuel ⛽

Minimising fuel consumption is crucial for reducing the environmental impact of boating. Maintaining a steady speed, optimising engine performance, and planning efficient routes can significantly cut down fuel usage, leading to fewer emissions and a healthier marine environment.

By using the Departure Scheduler feature in the savvy navvy app you can review your route to choose the most fuel-efficient path for motorboaters. For sailors you can opt for a route that enhances your ability to sail, reducing your reliance on the engine.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products 🧼

Opt for biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products to preserve water quality and protect reefs. By choosing eco-friendly options, boaters can ensure that harmful chemicals do not find their way into the water, safeguarding marine life.

Use Reef-Friendly Sunscreen ☀️

Did you know many sun lotions actively kill reef corals? Swimming with sunscreen can release chemicals into the water which are absorbed by corals, disrupting reproduction, and growth and ultimately causing bleaching. Even if you are not swimming these chemicals can go down the drain and make their way into the water.

Choosing reef-safe and biodegradable sunscreen, like Naife, helps mitigate the impact on delicate marine ecosystems.

Hey Dory – Fish responsibly 🐟

If you love catching fish for your dinner that’s great! Just make sure you are fishing legally by avoiding no-fish zones and being mindful to avoid endangered species. This will all help contribute to maintaining a balanced marine ecosystem, ensuring the sustainability of fish populations for generations to come.

Leave It as You Found It 🌊

We all love shells, but instead of taking them home to remember your beloved beach why not leave them where they belong?

Embrace the principle of leaving no trace. Properly dispose of waste and recyclables at designated facilities, and avoid leaving any debris behind. Respect the natural beauty of the environment and strive to leave the waters as pristine as you found them.

With every mindful decision, we pave the way for a future where boating and environmental conservation go hand in hand, ensuring that generations to come can enjoy our oceans as much as we do.

Knowledge is power

Use the savvy navvy app to help make informed decisions about sustainable boating with essential information such as:

  • Eco-mooring locations
  • Seagrass bed data
  • Fuel consummation
  • Optimised routing

Download the savvy navvy app via the Google Play or Apple App stores.