Cross-Channel boating



Saint-Quay Port d’Armor has just announced that together with other ports in the Côtes d’Armor area, they are continuing to manage applications for summer cruisers from the UK and Channel Islands, allowing boats to enter on the 1st June and sail for the maximum period of 90 days within the Schengen area until the 30th September.

Boaters should complete and send the new entry form (an editable version can be acquired from the marina) to Saint-Quay 24 hours prior to arrival. Upon receiving the stamped document, this should remain on board allowing the vessel to sail elsewhere in the Schengen area. Prior to departure, the same form should be similarly completed and sent to the marina for processing. (Any changes of crew in the meantime should be communicated).  If entry into the Schengen area is via the ports of Saint-Quay / Saint-Cast / Lézardrieux / Tréguier / Trébeurden, then departure from the Schengen area must also be via one of these 5 ports.

Entry elsewhere into the Schengen area must be via a permanently designated PPF (points de passage frontaliers – border crossing points). Departure from the Schengen area must also be via a permanently designated PPF.

(See text below in the Saint-Quay section for more information.)


May 2022

At our recent TransEurope members’ meeting, managers aired their and their boaters’ frustrations at the lack of clarity in terms of entry and exit regulations for boaters crossing the Channel. With the Brexit veil now firmly down, and UK boaters inevitably subject to Schengen border control checks upon arriving in the EU, sailing is perhaps not as plain as it was a few of years ago. Reciprocally, EU sailors have also struggled to ascertain each of the procedures that need following in order to comply with the necessary UK Border requirements.

That said, TransEurope members are working hard with authorities to try and facilitate processes as far as possible and help visitors with advice on form completion, etc., when booking a berth and arriving in the marina.

To this end, and having consulted a number of resources, including the invaluable news section of the Cruising Association website, we have summarised procedures as we currently understand it. We will endeavour to update this page upon receiving more information although fully recognise that the proper authorities should be consulted in all cases.

cross-Channel boating


New information is just out regarding a new, easier, online Pleasure Craft Report for travelling to and from the UK. The form covers details such as characteristics of the vessel and voyage, and information about the individuals travelling on board and any goods being transported. Please note that it is necessary to register with the system before proceeding. Voyage plans should be submitted at least two hours before you depart, but no more than 24 hours before you depart. (It is not necessary to complete the form if you are planning a voyage between two UK ports or between two international ports.)

The UK Government official site offers more information:

UK boaters travelling to the EU

  • Take a valid international passport
  • Complete the Pleasure Craft Report (see above)
  • Border Control:
    • If visiting Belgium, complete the Schengen form:
    • If visiting France, some TransEurope members have organised a Border Police Form (PAF) that can be completed at the marina to help with Border Police control procedures. Please check locally regarding further steps or contact the marina in advance for more information. Be aware that it may be necessary to complete and return the form prior to departure. See this example from Le Havre.

EU boaters travelling to the UK

Saint-Quay Portrieux, Côtes d’Armor.

Our fellow member marina Saint-Quay Port d’Armor in Brittany, has managed to organise some very favourable conditions for UK travellers heading to their marina. Download this advice sheet for more information. The entry form can be downloaded from the Saint-Quay website.


Covid Vaccination Status

Some countries may insist that visitors have evidence of the their Covid vaccination status before entering. Skippers of vessels should make their own enquiries as to whether such information is required for the country they propose to enter.


Further resources:

Disclaimer: The above information is provided in good faith. Due to the evolving nature of the subject matter, no responsibility will be accepted for any inaccuracies in the information provided. Skippers of vessels should obtain up-to-date information prevailing at the time of their voyage.

27th May 2022