Atlantic Odyssey Routes

Cruising guru Jimmy Cornell is launching two new transatlantic rallies this year.

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Jimmy Cornell, founder of the ARC is launching a new transatlantic rally with the aim of returning to the original spirit of a non-competitive event for cruising sailors with the emphasis on safety and amateur participant enjoyment.

  •  Atlantic Odyssey I: 17 November 2013 from Arrecife, Lanzarote to Le Marin, Martinique;
  • Atlantic Odyssey II: 12 January 2014 from Santa Cruz de la Palma to St George’s, Grenada.

The start of the Atlantic Odyssey I will mark the 20th anniversary of Lanzarote having been declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1993. The main objective of a biosphere reserve is to enable sustained economic development compatible with the conservation of natural resources, as in the case of Lanzarote. To reflect those aims, the Atlantic Odyssey will have an important environmental dimension, participants being encouraged to take part in specific research projects during their transatlantic voyage.

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Every boat will also be equipped with a satellite tracking device so that the vessel’s location and progress can be followed on the website:

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