New Roodberg trailer at Tollesbury Marina

Tollesbury Marina on the UK’s East Coast, is making vast strides in their continuing reinvestment projects to improve marina services, having recently purchased a new 20-tonne Roodberg boat trailer and a teleporter with the team completing the Roodberg training programme at the factory.  “This makes boat handling far more efficient, whilst also increasing the level of service we can offer, since we are now able to handle all boats up to 20 tonnes.” explained Julian Goldie, Partner of Tollesbury Marina; “We are delighted with both the training and the new Roodberg boatlift trailer and looking forward to seeing more boats come to Tollesbury Marina for boat servicing work.”

Marina offices have also undergone a major refurbishment with the team now proudly occupying the “new” offices. With the Chandlery freshly stocked with all the boating equipment that our boat owners should need, the marina is well prepared for the year ahead.

Ongoing maintenance work seeks to ensure clear access for boaters into the marina as Mr. Goldie described: “From early March, we shall complete the major dredging programme, which will cover all of the Southern and Eastern part of the basin. We look forward to welcoming you to Tollesbury!”