Renata Marević – Manager of Marina Punat, Croatia


International Women's Day

Renata Marević – Marina Punat (Manager)

Renata Marević has recently completed 30 years working at Marina Punat on Krk Island, Croatia where she has moved from reception assistant to reception manager and sales & marketing role before becoming Marina Manager of this 850-berth destination marina, the nation’s oldest. Her training has included the GMI International Intermediate Managers Course.

She laments that fact that in a still traditionally male field of work, women often occupy exclusively administrative or reception positions. She believes however that with more women encouraged to undertake the pertinent technical training, this could bring positive results.

She offers this advice for women looking to join a marina team:

Don’t be afraid to step into the marina business, there are so many opportunities; it’s an attractive, interesting and wide world with a lot of challenges and always something new to learn. I did not know anything about this business when I started.  I took small steps but was always focused to learn more and something new. You can learn from everybody in your surroundings – I got my knowledge not only through my formal education, but also from my colleagues, my bosses, the competitors… also, this is an industry where a lot of other knowledges can be implemented – gastronomy, hotel industry, event management…

I really value communications and expanding a network of contacts among professionals in the industry. Ensure that at boat shows, conferences and meetings of the profession, you find the means to exchange experiences and to consider the solutions of some problems shared by the profession. It would be fair to say that being part of this industry still presents plenty of challenges for me but I feel very lucky to have an excellent team and notably supporting owners of the business!!”