Jachthaven Wetterwille

Jachthaven Wetterwille is a family-owned inland marina in the province of North Holland, only thirty minutes from Amsterdam. Its name may get sniggers from certain international visitors with an ear for double entendres, but actually means water fun in Frisian. Located on the shores of the Loosdrechtse Plassen, a complex of lakes renowned for its natural beauty, the marina is the ideal destination to spend a fun-filled vacation.
Jachthaven Wetterwille has 400 berths and additional drystack facilities. It is certainly not the biggest fish in the TransEurope pond and yet berth holders and transients will find anything they could possibly need. That’s why we often compare ourselves to the Dutch miniature city of Madurodam. Faced with the giants in the marine industry, we are as tiny as this popular tourist attraction in Scheveningen. At the same time, though, we offer a range of facilities and a level of service that can rival those of any megayacht marina.
Our marina’s most important asset is that it is opened year-round and seven days a week. You will find someone in the office or on the site at all times; necessary in case there is an emergency and convenient if you ever have a question that can’t wait until morning.
Our technical staff takes care of all maintenance work, cleaning and repairs in the boatyards and workshops. The marina has a two- and four-ton crane and a twenty-ton boat lift. Hardstanding is available outside as well as in our brand new drystack hangar, which is heated in winter.
Our drystack system has made us somewhat of a pioneer in the region, as this service is still rarely offered in the Netherlands. We, however, see it as the perfect addition to our berths and a great alternative for clients who want to stall their boat in the best conditions. One phone call is all our team needs and you are ready to set sail within half an hour.
If you don’t own a boat, Jachthaven Wetterwille may still be on the right course. We have sailboats, electric sloops, a lounge pontoon and a twelve-metre yacht for rent.Perfect for a day – or longer – out on the water. And there is plenty to discover, we can ensure you!
The Loosdrechtse Plassen used to be marshland and then fenland where peat was dug in the sixteenth century. Gradually, the lakes were created, separated by dikes and islands. Today, they form one of Holland’s most famous water sports areas. In the small creeks, you can spot beautiful birdlife and the beaches call out to swimmers and sunbathers. Out on the lakes, conditions prove perfect for sailing, windsurfing and water-skiing.
The inland waters of Loosdrecht are connected to the river Vecht via a lock. During Holland’s Golden Age, the Vecht was an important travel route along which many wealthy merchants from Amsterdam had their country estates built. Some of these so-called “buitenplaatsen” were demolished as the economical climate changed, but many can still be admired from the water.
It is possible to sail all the way to Amsterdam, and even further, for those who want to explore the inland waterways of Western Europe. Whether you’re staying at Jachthaven Wetterwille or just passing through, we will do anything to make sure you get the most out of your visit. And as a family-owned marina into its third generation, we will make you feel at home.
We have been awarded Five Gold Anchors by TYHA and the Blue Flag. Water fun by name, superb berthing by reputation, at Jachthaven Wetterwille your boat will get the holiday it deserves!
Catherine Kosters
Jachthaven Wetterwille
Oud Loosdrechtsedijk 171, 1231 LV Loosdrecht, the Netherlands
Tel: +31355823304   info@jachthavenwetterwille.nl   www.jachthavenwetterwille.nl