Marina Linaria claims another Gold Award for Tourism

Manager Kyriakos Antonopoulos receives the Gold Tourism Award for Linaria Marina, Skyros.

Hot on the heels of renewing their Blue Flag award for 2021, Linaria Marina was then awarded a GOLD Tourism Award at a prestigious awards evening held in the Zappeion’s peristyle atrium in Athens.

The marina continues to work with universities and public authorities to improve environmental standards in the marina, whilst involving visitors, staff and residents in the process.

Two recent projects include a water-saving cleaning machine, often employed by the students as one of their duties doing their internship in Linaria Port within the #skyrosproject. The scrubbing & sweeping eco-friendly battery-powered machine is suitable for cleaning areas up to 8.000 m²; a very suitable machine for the smooth industrial flooring of the port. Once filled with water and eco-friendly cleaning liquids, it removes all the dirt from car brake pads, car tires, oil leaks etc. and reduces contamination, where these toxins might otherwise be washed into the sea.

Linaria Marina is also part of the #GrEEnbeach project, which permits visitors to connect their smartphones to a FV solar-powered charging device. The system measures energy and CO² emission savings and also provides real-time data on the number of phones charged. This generates awareness about clean energy and hopefully inspires people to look out for similar solutions.

The Skyros Port Fund and the “Skyros project” have to date won 26 National and International awards including a World First Prize and 2 European First Prizes.