Marina Punat advancing proactive boat care with smart sensors


A few years ago, Marina Punat became the FIRST and ONLY marina in the world to develop the PROACTIVE BOAT CARE service using IoT (internet of things) technology. This innovation permitted automatic monitoring of daily activities carried out by dock staff as they went about their duties checking yachts berthed in the marina. Residents then received a corresponding report via email, including timestamps and an up-to-date photo of the boat, providing much peace of mind, particularly for those based overseas.

Through the free SENSE4BOAT mobile app, boat owners can now keep track of staff checks in real time on any of their smart devices, with the app providing notifications of every registered activity.

Our residents’ boats spend most of their time berthing in the marina, under the surveillance of dock staff and CCTV.  Despite the best efforts, boats are of course subject to all kind of weather conditions, potentially exposing them to varying levels of security risk.

An incident occurring inside the boat can only be noticed by our marina staff if the consequences become evident externally. Fortunately, there are technologies that use sensors to detect an emerging issue inside the boat and immediately inform both the boat owner and the marina, resulting in a timely intervention that can prevent greater damage.


In Marina Punat we use IoT tech for boat monitoring because we strongly believe that SAFETY = PREVENTION + INTERVENTION

How does it work? The SENSE4BOAT smart system continuously monitors the boat using special sensors that can detect water ingress, smoke and risky high temperatures, as well as monitoring batteries.
In the event of an alert, in addition to notifying the boat owner, the marina is also informed, allowing staff to then take measures to protect the boat.

Here is the testimony of our longtime contractual customer, who had installed the SENSE4BOAT sensor system of our partner Marina Cloud and where the quick reaction by the marina staff saved his own valuable property, the property of others, and potentially people’s lives.

In the interests of improving the level of safety in our marina and protecting all the boats and people in it, we even offer certain sensors completely free with the activation of the SENSE4BOAT service.

As the safety of all boats in the marina is our common goal, all marina residents have the right for free sensors:

  • bilge sensor
  • smoke sensor (for sailing yachts) or high temperature sensor (for motorboats)

For more information on Marina Punat’s Sense4Boat smart sensor system, please write to