• At the award ceremony in the town of Hvar, during the 22nd Tourism Flower – Quality for Croatia, Marina Punat was awarded by special recognition for the most innovative service.

  • Marina Punat confirms once again that it is not only the first established marina, but also the forefront of innovations in the nautical field.

Marina Punat awarded tourism prize for innovation service

Marina Punat’s “Proactive Boat Care” service was key to receiving recognition for innovative excellence.

A free application for all contractual partners of Marina Punat, the new and improved PROACTIVE BOAT CARE system now offers a unique and free application that will allow owners to keep track of the dock staff activities on board in real time as well as boat photos.

Boat owners who want a more comprehensive and detailed service, as well as a higher degree of prevention, the system can easily be improved by installing smart sensors that allowing continuous monitoring on board.

Smoke detectors, bilge sensors and battery monitors provide the boat owner with information on an alarming situation on board (risk of fire or sinking, battery voltage drop).

The innovative part is that this system simultaneously alarms the marina staff and draws attention to the danger which requires urgent intervention on board with the aim of protecting property.

PROACTIVE BOAT CARE, a product by MARINA CLOUD, is utilized by Marina Punat in its operation for boat monitoring. A commercial product available on the market, it includes a sensor system which alerts the owner and marina of any critical situations on the boat. This innovative service is unique and no other marina in the world applies this kind of monitoring system for berthed boats. The system works with the SigFox IoT network with very high coverage.

Marina Punat have discussed this boat monitoring system with many marina managers or owners and it has attracted interest all around – marinas are interested because, if as many vessels as possible are equipped with these sensors, it makes the safety system in the marina more reliable with regard to risk prevention. On the other hand, berth holders are interested because they can rest easy if the marina can react early in case of an emergency (smoke or potential risk of sinking). The system also provides boat owners with information on the need to charge their batteries when necessary. Therefore, the boat does not need to be permanently connected to a power supply, but instead only when the system shows a voltage drop tendency in the batteries.

Marina Cloud exhibited this product at the METSTRADE show in Amsterdam and attracted a lot of attention all round.

The implementation of this system allows the marina to react early because it receives information about something “bad” happening on the boat sooner – without the sensors we have to rely on the alertness of the marina staff and the information they can notice using auditory, visual and olfactory senses, or using video cameras. In a way, this allows for earlier detection of a risky situation at a stage when it is still possible to prevent more damage.

To order sensors or find out more, visit the web shop, or contact the marina’s main reception desk.