Vlaamse Yachthaven Nieuwpoort

Vlaamse Yachthaven Nieuwpoort (VY Nieuwpoort) is a full-service marina with 990 berths and 600 dry-storage places on the Flemish Coast. Just 12 miles from the French border, VYNieuwpoort is an ideal hub for trips to France, Holland and the UK. With almost a thousand berths, it is Belgium’s largest marina.

The marina is situated on the north bank of the river IJzer about a mile distance from the North Sea. Although mainly visited by coastal boaters, the marina is home to quite some motoryachts that explore the inland waterways and historically rich hinterland of Flanders as well. VY Nieuwpoort shares the water in and around this inner basin with other marinas and water sport clubs, bringing the total of boats in the area up to around 2000.

By car, the marina is easily accessible via the E40 motorway from Calais to Ostend or via the ‘Kustweg’, a four-lane road with a tram in the middle, running along the 67 km of Belgian coast. There is convenient public transport by way of the Kusttram, with good connections to the train station and international airport of Oostende. VYN hosts the Belgian Boat Show Float each year in October.

Vlaamse Yachthaven Nieuwpoort is a spacious, vivid marina with an active community of members and a renowned sailing school.

Three major buildings house all facilities: the office building with yachtclub, bar and restaurant; the nautical centre with chandlery, sail maker, rigger and yacht broker; and a pyramid-shaped building with sanitary and laundry facilities, as well as a coffee shop and supermarket. Another chandlery can be found on the ground level of an apartment complex en route to the fenced technical area. A spacious car park and convenient slipway are located at the entrance of the marina, bike rental at the marina office.
The marina office is open year-round except for Christmas holidays. Summer opening hours are from 9:00-20:00. In winter, the marina office is open from 8:30-17:00.

Number of berths: 990

Please call this marina on 0032 (0)58 235 232 for berthing rates.