50% increase in digital membership activity at TransEurope Marinas

Despite a slow start to summer, with the pandemic maintaining a brake on international movement, partners Pick a Pier have reported a 50% uptake in the use of TransEurope digital membership benefits, with boaters keen to get in as much mileage as possible in local waters.

Cruising in company, family trips and club racing have kept boat-owners and crew busy over the last couple of months, popping over to fellow TransEurope marinas to make the most of their berthing discounts for overnight stays. Meanwhile, marina managers have been able to play with some innovative new features in Pick a Pier’s suite of additional services, each carefully designed after listening to both managers and boaters and crafting better solutions for the boating community.

Reducing all those unnecessary back and forth emails clarifying pricing and quotes, marinas can now enter their seasonal pricing parameters in their Pick a Pier marina profile and clearly display their berthing rates on the platform for all types of boats, including adding surcharges for multi-hull vessels or peak season. This allows TransEurope visitors to quickly ascertain the cost of a night’s berthing for their boat.

For those marinas struggling with group communication for important messages, managers can now make use of a simple tool that sends out an email to selected or all berth-holders, ensuring that key notices reach boaters in good time.

Another helpful new service is a filtering and communication tool that helps staff managing reservation requests to ensure that visitors clearly understand the scope of services they offer, such as any restrictions on periods of occupancy, limits on LOA, beam, or draft, etc., saving time for both parties. This way, those managing reservation requests receive fewer, more directed emails, helping them answer more rapidly and efficiently.

Finally, since memory is rarely perfect, membership accounts now tell boaters how many more discounted nights are still available in each marina, reminding cruisers of the wealth of destinations still left to explore.

 For any more information on using these features or regarding any element of the Pick a Pier platform, please contact: support@pickapier.com