Coastal-based TransEurope Marinas members are now both highlighted and clearly identified with the well-known flag on

Sailors looking for information and recommendations will now be able to easily select a TransEurope Marina from each particular locality.

The global cruising reference service aims to provide a one-stop website featuring essential information on all matters of interest to sailors planning an offshore voyage anywhere in the world, whether already underway or still in the preparatory stages.

Noonsite began over a decade ago as a culmination of Jimmy Cornell’s books (World Cruising Handbook and World Cruising Routes) and his work on the global cruising scene for the last quarter of a century. It has since grown extensively and now holds information for 197 countries and 2075 ports.

Noonsite’s main objective is to provide cruising sailors with comprehensive information regarding essential marine facilities in any port visited by yachts, with information on clearance formalities, visa requirements, fees, weather, special events and other facts needed by visiting sailors.

In addition Noonsite covers topics such as Piracy, Security, Environment, Safety & Medical plus numerous other topics of interest to long-distance cruising sailors.

All the information on the site is free.