Pick a Pier product range

Exciting launch of 3-tiered services for marinas

The last five years have witnessed a thrust in new tech-based developments, facilitating booking procedures, increasing safety and security on board, and improving the customer experience. During this time, the team at Pick a Pier have been studiously collaborating with TransEurope Marinas managers and recreational boaters across the globe to streamline and innovate the reservation and revenue management process and improve customer service.

With effect from the 1st of August, new services will include the optimisation of berthing resources, easy, one-click communications, dynamic pricing and a simple, visual tool for locating new visitors. Recognising the pain points of both marinas and boaters, the new services acknowledge boaters’ need for an immediate response to queries about price and availability regardless of office hours and will reduce the workload of marina managers and their staff.

TransEurope managers will be able to select the best service to suit their purposes, and those looking to respond more efficiently to their customers and gain a competitive edge by adopting bespoke technical tools, will be able to do so. Pick a Pier aims to ease the discomfort caused by delayed correspondence and complex analogue berthing plans, particularly during high season.

As an example, rather than having to wait till the next day to be told that there is no availability or the boat is the wrong size for the marina, a digital system can give a boater immediate feedback on whether there is a berth available.

Pick a Pier CEO and co-founder Idan Cohen: “Our partnership with TransEurope has accelerated the development of our product offering and ensured that it meets the precise needs of marinas and boaters. We’re excited to launch this new range of products that will suit the needs of every marina in the network, advance marinas’ profitability and move TransEurope to being the leading European network in terms of technology and customer service.”

On behalf of TransEurope Marinas, Melanie Symes applauded the work of Pick a Pier in both creating an excellent membership system for associated marinas and their berth-holders and providing state-of-the-art services at a fraction of their cost.  “TransEurope represents a diverse international group of marina destinations, where no two marinas are the same. Offering different services for marinas to customise their continuing relationship with Pick a Pier is ideal. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to count on Pick a Pier as our digital partner.”

To find more about Pick a Pier, visit pickapier.com