Located in the region of Asturias, Puerto Deportivo Gijón are presenting each visiting TransEurope Member yacht that stays five consecutive days in their marina with two bottles of local cider and a commemorative cider glass.

Traditional Cider Gift for TEM members in P.D. Gijón

The marina also enjoys a strong tradition of receiving French sailors and participates in a number of regattas, having celebrated over recent months the second Pornic-Gijón-Pornic regatta, won this year by Phillippe Tostivint and the fifth Royan-Gijón, won by the trimaran “Rayon Vert”.

Boats visiting Puerto Deportivo Gijón are invited to visit the site www.whereisasturias.com for more information on how best to make the most of this attractive area of Spain.

For more information, go to the P.D. Gijón website: www.puertodeportivogijon.es