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Heaven for seafood lovers…

Galician cuisine is famous throughout Spain where popular local dishes are well represented in typical Spanish menus, such as empanadas (savoury pastries) or pulpo à feira (known outside Galicia as pulpo à la gallega: octopus with paprika, sea salt and olive oil). Food festivals abound in Vigo and you certainly won’t be lost for somewhere to eat around the town. Fish arriving into the Puerto de Vigo is sold during the early morning hours in the extensive commercial fish market, serving restaurants and smaller indoor markets.

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Preparing local seafood

If visiting Vigo, these local markets are a must-see; rich with aromas and flavours where you can buy fresh and traditional products – one of the best examples is the Mercado de Bouzas specialising in seafood. Sampling some of the local fayre is made even better with some fruity and refreshing Albariño wine. One of the Vigo Ría highlights are the oysters, cultivated in this area since Roman times. These can be bought in the mornings from sellers along “Oyster Street” in the old town.

An elegant choice to eat out is the Restaurante Marina Davila with fantastic panoramic views taking in the Vigo Ría, the Cíes Islands nature reserve and the Vigo maritime-industrial quarter and fish market. The ample terrace is perfect for enjoying a fine sunset over the Atlantic. The restaurant is decorated in a minimal style, featuring art work from Galician artists. It prides itself on exquisite dishes that seek to represent regional produce in its most authentic form.

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