70.8 by Océanopolis – Galerie des innovations marines. © 70.8 / P. Prieur

Boaters visiting the Brittany coast this summer, keen to extend their knowledge in all-things ocean, have a pleasant surprise awaiting them at the new 70.8 exhibition in Brest. Part of the Océanopolis project, the show is appropriately housed in Atelier les Capucins, an expansive series of respectfully refurbished shipbuilding workshops.

Themes cover the fundamental role played by the oceans in human welfare, exploring the extraordinary properties of some marine organisms and their value to biotech, and also the threats posed to the ocean from issues such as climate change, mining, pollution and overfishing.

The ocean’s vast array of options for creating renewable energy is presented, demonstrating how offshore wind and tidal streams can be harnessed to produce electricity.

A voyage through the ocean stops in a hydrothermal source in the Pacific, revealed through deep-sea exploration and in the maritime heritage section, the highlight is certainly the ceremonial Emperor’s Canoe, first used in 1810.

Listen to the sounds of each exhibit, carefully designed to transport the visitor as faithfully as possible to a live experience.

Visiting boats berthed at either Marina du Château or Moulin Blanc, beyond their welcome TransEurope Marinas membership discount, will be offered a free entry for one person to Océanopolis : https://www.oceanopolis.com/