The new Marina Service programme has been met with enthusiasm by marina members. Creating more value for resident and visiting members, encouraging a community spirit within the marina and aiming to attract TEM members who might not have time to travel longer distances via discounted charter or accommodation services, there are numerous benefits to the scheme.

2016-05-30_2204The system works by promoting reliable services in the marina such as yacht charter, repair and maintenance services, restaurants, accommodation, etc. The services in question agree to offer a discount to TransEurope Marinas members (who may be asked to produce their membership card or have the Cruising Passport code corroborated via the Marina Office). The service and discount is posted on the Marina’s profile on the TransEurope Marinas website so that the discount is clear and the visitor can obtain contact details and more information.

Yacht charter is becoming increasingly popular as people take shorter holidays and wish to vary their destinations. If you were planning to visit a new area with a view to coming back on your own boat, chartering can facilitate a more accessible route. Similarly if visiting on one’s own boat or with friends, finding out upon arrival that the local sailmaker or yard facility rewards TransEurope Marinas members with a discount, can only come as welcome news.

Some of the members who are already promoting the service can be seen below:

For more information on the service, contact