Marina Punat developed almost 40 years ago from a rich shipbuilding tradition. In most cases marinas are referred to in figures and statistics. As not every berth can be called a marina, not every marina can proudly be named the center of nautical tourism in Croatia. Marina Punat is specific for one reason – it’s quality is confirmed by experienced seamen, and that is why it carries such a prestigious title. The first sailor, with whom the birth of the marina is related, was William R. Nesher. Back in 1962 the Punat shipyard was recommended to him on a fair in Zagreb as an excellent place to build wooden boats. The experienced sailor took the advice and three boats were built, symbolically named A,B, and C. Those boats were the first foreign boats left for safekeeping in Croatia. Mr. Nesher, the American with residence in Germany became the first, and to the end of his life in 2004, ongoing guest of Marina Punat. Neither he, nor the workers who gathered on the day of the birth on March 13th 1964 could have imagined their work to become a genuine nautical pearl in Croatia.

  • Founded in 1964., the oldest marina in Croatia.
  • Located in a protected bay, protected from the winds.
  • The marina offers 800 quality berths on 11 piers for vessels up to 45 m length (draft up to 3 m), as well as all maintenance services of the engine and hull.
  • It is possible to accommodate 100 vessels with length up to 15m on land, the dry marina has the capacity to accommodate 400 ships up to 10 m length.
  • Marina Punat has won a number of significant awards and has been acknowledged many times as the best Croatian marina.
  • A three-time consecutive winner of the best Croatian marina award in 2008., 2009., 2010.

By 1978 the marina conducted business within the shipyard, and during 1994 the transformation of the company was completed. Marina Punat and Punat Shipyard now operate inseparably linked as the most important two companies within the Marina Punat Group. Meanwhile, the number of berths has grown from 3 ships in 1965 to 850 ships today. To illustrate, during the last two seasons there were on average 1250 ships placed in the marina (500 on dry docks), with an addition of 3000 transit ships arriving in the summer months. Marina Punat was honored with the „Blue Flag” in 1978 which is awarded annually by the prestigious Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe – FEE- The Blue Flag has been awarded to Marina Punat every year since. From the year 2000 Marina Punat and it’s related companies have been certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, and from 2010 the environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001:2001 standard has been implemented.

The berths are equipped with the necessary infrastructure:

  • water connection 1/2 “
  • electrical supply 16 A, 32 A, 63 A or 125 A
  • wireless internet connection

Available are:

  • reception and exchange office, informations, free weather forecast
  • Internet caffe, next to the reception office – free internet use
  • 500 parking places for cars and trailerse
  • showers and toilets allocated in four sanitary facilities
  • sanitary facility in the YACHT SERVICE building
  • sanitary facility next to the main reception office and 9 bofora buffet
  • sanitary facility north – in the vicinity of the transit pier
  • sanitary facility in the dry-marina Brodica
  • 70 garages and 50 storage spaces for equipment storage (for rent)
  • excellent supply possibilities for the ship’s voyage
  • NAUTIC SHOP MARINA COMMERCE – specialized shop for ship equipment and spare parts
  • supermarkets – provisions and household items KVARNER SUPERMARKET MARINA, KVARNER CASH&CARRY DISCOUNT STORE
  • caffe-buffet-pizzeria 9 BOFORA, restaurant MARINA, restaurant KANAJT
  • small luxury hotel with 20 rooms HOTEL KANAJT
  • children’s playground
  • tennis courts
  • laundry service
  • boat washing and polishing
  • ship repair and maintenance YACHT SERVICE, SHIPYARD PUNAT
  • taxi on call

Berths: 850