On the mighty River Severn, Britain’s longest river, lies Upton Marina, south of historic Worcester and north of Tewkesbury, Upton Marina offers secure pontoon and bankside moorings for all types of craft with hardstanding storage space and visitor berths, where you may take advantage of all the modern facilities you would expect from a large, well equipped, modern marina. It is also home to a fleet of holiday hire boats.

Cruising on the Severn offers a variety of itineraries since it stretches 58 miles from Sharpness to Stourport and forms part of the Avon Ring linking the Worcester and Birmingham, Staffs and Worcs canals.

It is possible to reach Stratford-upon-Avon and moor up opposite the Shakespeare Theatre. In fact there is hardly anywhere in the country that cannot be reached from Upton upon Severn by inland waterways. For more adventurous cruising southwards, it is a day’s run to the Bristol Channel and open waters.

Fresh Water Electricity Fuel Gas Wifi Toilets 24 Hour Access Showers Restaurant Boat Lift Workshop Sewage

Prices including VAT at 20% with effect from 1st April 2011

Discount Rate: Yearly Marina Berth for annual in advance payment (per Metre): £255.00/M
(Payment must be made in full prior to commencement of period) Per Year

Yearly Marina Berth for payment by monthly Direct Debit (per Metre): £281.00/M
Direct Debit payment terms subject to application. Per Year

Seasonal Berth for six-months in advance payment (per Metre): £142.00/M
(Payment must be made in full prior to commencement of period) Per Six Months

Monthly Marina Mooring for payment in advance (per Metre): £26.00/M
Per Month

Daily Visitors’ Mooring (per Metre) includes all facilities: £1.60/M
Visitor Moorings may be booked up to one week in advance with full non-refundable payment Per day / night

Maximum length charged: 13m for all craft including narrowboats. Minimum length charged (all boats): 5m. Boat length is measured overall including accessories rounded-up to the nearest 0.2m; plus 0.4m for outboards and sterndrives; 0.6m for bathing platforms; 1.0m for davits and/or tender.

FREE of charge to all permanent berth-holders. Visiting boats hardstanding storage available at standard mooring tariff. Please contact Marina Office (01684) 594287.
Trailer Storage – Six Months payable in advance: £360.50 Please clearly mark your trailer with your boat’s name Per six Months
Car parking and/or trailer parking: £7.75
(Car-parking free to berth-holders; one car per boat) Per day / night

FREE of charge to all permanent annual berth-holders.
Launch and recovery by owner on same day: £15.00
Dinghy Launch (without trailer): £7.50
Seasonal Slipway Pass (unlimited use for six months): £75.00

All berth-holders agree to abide by the standard terms and conditions of mooring and storage as displayed in the Marina office. All owners are required to provide Insurance cover for third party claims of a minimum £3,000,000 and may be asked to produce evidence to this effect. Residential use not permitted.

Mains shore supply provided via standard 5amp MCB and metered lead. Metered leads are provided by the Marina for a refundable deposit. Only metered leads provided by the Marina may be used; boats found connected to shore supply without using a metered lead provided by the Marina will be disconnected without notice. Refundable deposit on metered lead: £120.00 in advance (includes VAT at 20%). Refunds on Metermaids previously issued at 15% or 17.5%VAT will be refunded at the 15% or 17.5% VAT rate, in accordance with HMRC guidance.
Metered charge per Kwh unit variable to equal supply cost. Invoices for mains shore supply must be paid on receipt of invoice. Charges for metered units include standing charges, monthly demand charge, capacity charge, climate change levy, repair and renewal costs, NICEIC certification costs, maintenance costs, and administration costs. The current price per Kwh unit is displayed on the marina office Noticeboard; this charge may alter without notice if supply costs alter. Important notice: Electric supply continuity cannot be guaranteed. Mains electricity is only available to boats with a properly equipped and protected ring-main installation. Electricity is supplied in accordance with OFGEM regulations.

HOISTING Charge per metre hull length
Towing by boat to / from hoist to berth: FOC
Lift and Launch: £17.50/M
Lift onto Transport: £24.50/M
Larger craft requiring double-lifting for lifts onto / off Transport will be charged 1½ times tariff.
Lift for Survey and relaunch: £23.00/M
Lift from hard and hold in slings (maximum one hour): £20.50/M
Lift and move on hardstanding and re-chock: £20.50/M
Lift and Block Ashore: £23.00/M
Capacity is 18,000kg, maximum length 16m (52ft), maximum beam 4.57m (15ft). Charges based on maximum hull length, in tenths of metres. Excess waiting time in slings charged extra. Please contact service centre to book hoisting (01684) 594540.

Please contact service centre on (01684) 594540 for all your service, parts, chandlery, gas, and hoisting requirements.

Membership of licensed Yacht Club free of charge to all berth-holders and their families. Telephone (01684) 594087.

Please contact Marina Office for self-service pump-out token. Tokens available during office hours but pump-out available with token 24/7 – £15.00 (discounted to £10.00 for berth-holders).
DIESEL (Gas Oil, 35 sec)
Please contact Marina Office on (01684) 594287.
Free of charge to Berth-holders. Please ask for entry security code list.